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The Root Cause Approach to Medicine

I have always been inquisitive as to the WHY? I have treated a host of patients, issued endless supplies of medication to treat an array of symptoms but all the time I have thought there must be ways of understanding more about why we need these medications? What has gone wrong? The body is the most intelligent; sophisticated and intricate matrix, the most well oiled and finely tuned piece of machinery and if treated well, operates independently, glitch free. So, if we are in need of medication there is a glitch in the system, an imbalance, a small fault. It is THAT small fault I want to find. It is THAT small glitch I want to fix. We fix the glitch, to stop the medications.

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Symptoms are our bodies way of communicating. A baby cries; A dog barks; A person speaks and our body creates a symptom. If you address the underlying issue to why the baby cries; it stops. If you address the reason as to why the dog barks; it stops. If you address the underlying cause to the body’s symptom; it stops. To me, that is what is important, finding the why/the root cause of the problem and addressing it. 

Educating myself in the field of functional medicine allowed me to enter a world of medicine that was primed towards truly helping an individual or a couple. It is the best thing I have ever done. I am truly intrigued by a person’s symptom or a couple’s difficulty with conception. A new patient energises and excites me as I know that we are about to go on a small journey together; both of us adapting and learning as we slowly uncover the missing pieces of an unfinished puzzle. Pieces that have always been there, but often ignored, in diagnosing and treating certain conditions. 

Following the completion of my medical degree and training I undertook the certification program with the Institute of Functional Medicine which has given a depth of understanding about our body’s that is unrivaled. Over a period of five or more years I have fallen into and focused more of my energy into the physiology of women. We are complex, there is a lot going on and our paradigms are constantly shifting as our hormones are ebbing and flowing with our cycles; our pregnancies; our miscarriages and our age. The key is balance. That is what I seek to restore in everyone I work with or each couple I support. Balance creates optimal health; eliminates pains and supports hormones and conception. 

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My own journey with fertility and miscarriage is one I wish I didn’t have to go through, but the silver lining is that it gave me the drive to immerse myself into the world of functional fertility and given me first-hand experiences of the frustrations and heartaches of that journey as well enlightened me as to the inadequacies of our healthcare system in helping women and couples.

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