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Dutch Cycle Mapping

For some, getting your reproductive hormones (Estrogen and Progesterone) tested through the traditional method of blood sampling, on a single day, is not sufficient information to truly understand why you may be suffering with symptoms of hormonal dysregulation.

If you have irregular cycle lengths, PCOS or Premenstrual symptoms that seem to fluctuate through your cycle, it is difficult to time that one blood test to truly show the whole picture of your hormone levels

This test is suitable for women who:

  • Suffer with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

  • Have irregular cycle lengths from month to month

  • Women struggling with fertility

  • Women with cycling hormones but no menses (partial ablations/partial hysterectomy)

  • IUD/Mirena insertion with hormonal symptoms.

  • Those whose hormonal symptoms appear to fluctuate in each cycle

  • (PMS/headaches/mood disturbances/migraines)

Desk with Stethoscope

Get a comprehensive report of

  • Estrone & Estradiol patterns over the course of one cycle with numerical values. To help understand if and when you are ovulating or why there may be symptoms inc. migraines/headaches/poor skin/sleep. 

  • a-pregnandiol & b-pregnandiol: Metabolites of Progesterone which is produced after ovulation. It tells us about ovarian health; low levels can give insight into reasons for infertility, miscarriage, poor sleep, PMS symptoms, mid-cycle spotting.

You can see how the results look here with our Sample Report 

This test includes

  • 25 Dried Urine Collection Devices

  • Cycle Mapping™ Requisition Form

  • Resealable Plastic Bag

  • Return Envelope 

  • Test Instructions

How to test

Order the package

Read through the cycle mapping instructions to determine which schedule you should use based on your typical cycle length

Collect your samples, ideally at the time of waking

Place all labelled samples in the resealable plastic bag and return in the provided envelope

Please make sure you have read through the detailed cycle mapping instructions in pull to ensure you do everything right first time.

Group 28 (2).png

How to get the most out of your test

To get the maximum value from the Dutch Cycle Mapping I recommend doing the Dutch Cycle Mapping with Hair Mineral Test & Consultation which, includes:

  • The cost of the Dutch Complete and Hair Mineral Test 

  • 30 minute phone consultation to review your health history and current health concerns and goals.

  • 60 minute test evaluation and review

  • A detailed comprehensive health plan created specifically for you. This incorporates information from your initial intake combined with the results of your test. It includes nutrition and lifestyle recommendations and nutrients and herbal remedies to correct the imbalance

The Hair Mineral Test gives a clear insight into your mineral balance over the last 2-3 months and it is mineral balance that leads to hormone dysregulation and adrenal dysregulation seen on the Dutch Complete. Therefore it will provide us with a richer, more holistic understanding as to the root cause of your hormone health

Dutch Cycle Mapping with Hair Mineral Test & Consultation


Dutch Cycle Mapping & Consultation


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