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Hair Mineral Test

A fantastic tool that allows us to look deep into the minerals of your unique body that create the building blocks of your entire make-up. Hormone health; Adrenal Health; Energy; Sleep and more rely fully on Mineral Levels. So lets ensure yours are balanced! 

This test is for you if you want to address:
  • Hormone concerns
  • Digestive concerns
  • Fertility planning
  • Optimise Immune Response
  • Improve Cognitive function
  • Suffering with acne/inflammatory skin conditions
  • Reach Peak performance
It gives a 2-3 month insight into what your mineral balance has been and what toxic elements you have been exposed to that may be wrecking your health. This allows us to look deep into potential root causes of health symptoms or to simply optomise performance
Chart & Stethoscope

Get a comprehensive report of

  • Nutritional Elements: play key roles in metabolic function, endocrine function and reproduction.

  • Muscular activity

  • Endocrine function

  • Reproduction

  • Element Ratios: Indicate your metabolic health and adrenal health status.

  • How your adrenals are functioning

  • Toxic Elements: Are you loaded with heavy metals that are silently wrecking your health?

  • Individual, targeted Diet, Lifestyle and Detox protocol to support YOUR unique hair test findings (when you book in a consultation with your test).

This test includes

  • Test Taking Instructions Kit

  • Hair Sample Weighting Device

  • Resealable Plastic Bag

  • Pre-paid return envelop

How to test

Order a mineral test.

Cut a small piece of hair


(100mg/heaped teaspoon) from the mid-section

of the head.

Post your locks

Receive a full report and consultation (30 minutes).

Group 28 (2).png

How to get the most out of your test

To get the maximum value from the Hair Mineral Test I recommend doing the Hair Mineral Test & Consultation which, includes:

  • The cost of the Hair Mineral Test

  • 30 minute phone consultation to review your health history and current health concerns and goals.

  • 60 minute test evaluation and review

  • A detailed comprehensive health plan created specifically for you. This incorporates information from your initial intake combined with the results of your test. It includes nutrition and lifestyle recommendations and nutrients and herbal remedies to correct the imbalance

Hair Mineral Test & Consultation


Hair Mineral Test


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