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 Functional Fertility

We commonly refer to this kind of approach as “functional”, “holistic” or “integrative medicine”. If you’re having trouble getting pregnant naturally, you’ve been diagnosed with unexplained infertility, or you want to optomise your body before trying to conceive, to increase success of a sustained and healthy pregnancy then I strongly recommend trying a functional approach to fertility.

This approach seeks to “ view the body as one integrated system, not a collection of independent organs divided up by medical specialties. It treats the whole system, not just the symptoms.” Mark Hyman, MD.”

As a Functional Medicine practitioner, I work to evaluate all of the systems in a person’s body, to determine where optimisation can occur in order to support the body in feeling safe, to allow for natural conception. At times, we have defined structural abnormalities in our anatomy that effects our fertility but once this is excluded as a cause, we start to look deeply into an individual’s or couples health. We do this via functional laboratory testing. Functional testing, differs from traditional medical testing. It has a much narrower range of what is ‘normal’, we seek results that indicate optimal health rather than a level that is required to exclude ill health.


Testing Typically Undertaken

  • Hair Minerals testing, 

  • Toxic Elements testing

  • Comprehensive Thyroid screening (Inc. Antibodies; Reverse T3)

  • Sex hormone and Adrenal screening.

  • Food Intolerance Testing

  • GI Mapping: Comprehensive Stool Analyisis

  • Comprehensive semen analysis

  • For many, understanding how their current diet, exposures to toxic chemicals, sleep and lifestyle are affecting their fertility may be enough to create that much wanted positive pregnancy test, and reduce the chances of miscarriage. 

  • At times we need to delve deeper if we are not getting results. At this stage we can consider genetic testing  and further functional diagnostics to truly uncover the root cause of infertility.

How to get started

Book a free 30 minute consultation with me to discuss how I can help you and your partner through your conception journey

Following this initial consultation, we will embark on a functional approach to optimising fertility, which typically includes:

  1. A comprehensive diagnostic screening assessment (completed by patient/couple)

  2. Initial 1 hour consultation to discuss patient/couple history

  3. Undertaking functional testing labs (hormone testing, comprehensive stool analysis, full sperm analysis, hair mineral analysis, food intolerance testing and thyroid health screen)

  4. Review and follow up of results

  5. Initiation of personalised fertility optimisation approach plan

Continued support throughout this journey will be provided and I will be on hand to personally address any concerns you may have in-between follow up appointments.

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